Wardrobe Wednesday: I’m Being a Rebel, Make My Week #18

So the theme for the month is a REMIX – which means I am supposed to choose something from my wardrobe and work it a different way each week…..which will be a great challenge for me because I’m a variety lover – as in, I’d like to wear something different e.v.e.r.y day


However, I digress, I will join on this (when I choose what to remix) but I needed to show you my new dress.


This is my ‘Let’s Hear It for the Boys’ dress. I was given this fabric from an old-fashioned stash and originally I thought I would make something for the boys from it but then I got a little inspiration and decided to use this sexy wiggle dress pattern again (with a straight neckline this time).


The fabric has a great little texture in it almost snake-skin-ish but really miniature.

So I’ll remix next week!


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Outfit – dress -$0 all from stash, Belt- $10 on sale from Dotti, Shoes $2 NZ made, Over-cardi thingy Op-Shop hand-me-down.


4 responses

  1. Very cool – you are one hot mama!

  2. Great dress! Well done.

  3. Love the fabric, pin-up mumma!!

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