Wardrobe Wednesday #19 – She’s a Mod

So last week I kind-of remixed a dress but this week I am revealing my proper ‘remix may’ garment.


This is my NEW stripey dress for $8, unworn, from my local oppy.


I bought it on Wednesday last week and put it on when I got home and styled it up.


I think it will be fun to see what else I can do with it, although I feel a bit brave working with a dress – ideas please?


Naomi I know you will have some!


I’ve taken the photos next to my ‘needle work wall’


Dress – $8, Shoes cheap sparkly sequined numbers from the warehouse a couple of years ago, tights $11 Farmers, Belt (which I wore last week too) $10 on sale from Dotti. And the final photo for fun!


Check out what other styly ladies are wearing

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz

Judging by The Atlas response to this dress I could have happily spent a lot more than $8!


10 responses

  1. enough enough alright already!! I am seriously struggling to cope with your overwhelming streak of coolness and courage! LOVE your outfit, you look so HOT and LOVING your needle work wall too! I have a couple of cross stiches in boxes that i’d love to get out and display but just dont know how to display them cooly like YOU! jealous much!?? PLEASE MOVE YOUR STYLEY BUTT BACK UP HERE!! I need HELP!

    1. the way I remember it at high school you were always the styly one! Just sayin! 😉

  2. love this dress- it looks awesome on you, esp with that cool belt!

    1. I love this belt too I’m so glad I bought it

  3. You are rocking that dress. Ideas – think volume on top? Cardi or top, so it looks like a skirt; volume below – big skirt over the top….turban it round you head (OK, so that last one was a bit silly) – I’m sure you will blow me away with what you come up with. I could see it looking very French modern – red white an blue? ballet flats?

    1. You’ve never seen me in a turban for reasons!!! Ha ha! Yeah I was thinking about the skirt/top thing too

  4. How is it you always look so fantastic? I feel positively frumpy in comparison. Love the dress. I’m going to go do some thinking about how I can look that good in my own way.

    1. Thanks that is a lovely comment – I always feel positively in AWE of your creative talent and expertise! I do love how seeing how people wear things encourages us in our own style.

  5. You could do work-chic or evening-chic. Definitely work it as top and/or skirt too!

  6. Gorgeous!

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