Make My Week #19 – Jacket

I found this pattern at a junk shop a while ago and I liked the shape and the over puffy sleeves (do puffy sleeves remind anyone else of Anne of Green Gables??)

I changed it up a bit in by taking the lapel opening all the way to the bottom of the jacket and using a button and loop system.

The buttons are vintage ones I got off my step-mother and the fabric is some I bought last year or even the year before – it has a slightly pearlised surface and comes from somewhere in Africa from recollection.

I also made the sleeves a lot slimmer to try to reduce the amount of volume going on.

This is my second clothing make for May.

Check out all sorts of creative goings on here.


7 responses

  1. It looks great on you, and I love the remake you did, much more stylish for today. BTW, you look like you’ve lost a bit of weight, the last few posts. (Not that I’m checking you out in THAT way, just saying)

    1. Thanks, don’t think I’ve lost weight but it makes me feel good to think I might look like I have!! Free to check me out in THAT way!

  2. It looks awesome!

  3. The picture on the pattern definitely does now that you say that, I can just imagine Anne wearing it to school. Well done you great looking jacket

  4. I love the fabric, it looks perfect on you!

  5. It looks great! Good Job.

  6. Love the fabric. Super cute as always x

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