Mother’s Day

Today I am celebrating the ‘career of my life’

Being a mother is all-consuming, regardless of whether you are full-time, part-time, unemployed…. motherhood trumps it all in terms of your thoughts, hopes, fears, emotions – every mother is a full-time mother some of them just get paid to do other stuff as well!

This week I’ve loved watching the preparation for first football game of the season

Celebrating with a little boy who wrote his name all-by-himself for the first time

and watching our boys paw over photo albums delighted to see themselves and re-live some of our adventures.

And there have been sleepless nights and burst ear-drums, puddles to jump in and skinned knees, tears and laughter and huggles….. and all the patchwork of life together.

Happy mothers day to all the mama’s out there and especially to my own mama – constant inspiration to aspire to as a mama.


13 responses

  1. What a lovely post! You do have good material to model from (Happy Mother’s Day Mum) and I would think a job that many people would envy managing such a beautiful bunch of boys (Daddy included). Miss you guys!

  2. May19, I can’t help but wish my two children were as loving as your boys…You can see it in their faces..So, Happy Mothers Day, Daddy, Love to all.? Sammyjay.

    1. They do love each other very much – I am very blessed indeed! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you.

      1. Many thanks for your comments… Happy Mom’s Day! Sammyjay…..

  3. You have said it so well! Happy Mothers Day!

    1. And to you too – yummy mummy

  4. Thank you. You are a wonderful mummy and your little ones are delightful through and through.

  5. Love the phrase celebrating a career. we seldom think of it that way but it certainly is! loving your celebrations !

  6. Just lovely – Happy Mothers Day!

  7. Super cute. How did Sam go on his first game?

  8. Happy Mothers Day doll. Loving watching your boys grow up through your page!!

  9. This comment is to tell you I have been receiving your comments to your blogs… I recently started my own ….sammyjay1@word I’m blogging under the mane :
    From the Woods of Easthampton, II’m not sure how to get your well deserved comments to you? By the way, your children are great, they so remind me of my own children about 40 yrs ago! keep up the good work with them…..they are worth it!
    Your’s. Sandra K.

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