Wardrobe Wednesday #20 – The Re-Mix!

Due to my rebellion on week 1 this is my first remix for ‘remix May’.

Apologies for the photos this week The Atlas was running late out the door and I couldn’t be bothered re-shooting!!(it explains why my face is cut off in most of them, oh and it’s driving me nuts that the belt and cardi are all off centre! – I’m a bit precious like that sometimes!)

So $8 portmans/op-shop dress mixed with

Tights, belt, necklace and cardi all hand-me-downs from my sister (I know what does she have left in her own!??!)

Boots from Debenhams (UK department store) bought about 6 years ago

I think this outfit looked better in real life…. so you’ll have to trust me on that

See what other lovelies are re-mixing here and enter your self the prize is AWESOME!

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz


3 responses

  1. Very cute re mix. Well done.

  2. You look cute even with your head chopped off! Love the red cardi

  3. I think your outfit looks sooo stylish and pics are fab, red, black and white are my favourite colours!

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