Make My Week #20 – Birthday Season

It seems birthday party season is upon us and I have such difficulty with the whole present thing.

I love presents and I love giving them but I also struggle with the amount some people spend on children’s birthday party gifts and when your child gets invited to several birthdays during the year how much can you end up spending. Or do you just buy cheap ‘landfill’ knowing it won’t last much longer than the party???

On the other hand I don’t want my child to be the kid who brings stink presents to birthdays ….. catch 22??

So mainly I try to make the gifts my boys take but it’s not easy – especially for boys. This year it is 6-year-old birthdays and I have decided that personalised cushions are going to be the order of the day. Flip choose the colours and helped with the design so he felt proud and happy taking it with him.

This is the latest for a birthday last weekend and you’ll be seeing more over the next month judging by the invites coming in!

How do you feel about buying gifts for multiple other children during the year, what is your ‘go to’ gift and what is your price guide??

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11 responses

  1. yep boys are sooooooo hard especially the older they get! We are venturing into 12 and 13 year old boy birthdays and it seems a warehouse voucher is the only acceptable option πŸ˜‰
    Girls on the other hand are heaps easier and we usually have more trouble deciding what to choose, usually crafty kits are the winner.
    Cute as pillow! and super cute flip was chuffed about giving it πŸ™‚

    1. yeah I guess we may end up at vouchers once they get older – can’t see them wanting a personalised pencil case then!!! I always LOVED crafty kits

  2. I usually make boys presents to give now. I make car caddies and i-spy bags that usually go down welll, otherwise if I buy something, I limit it to $20… Always overspend on my own kids tho.
    What annoys me is the kids that bring guns etc as toys for my own kids that I don’t allow them to play with…

    1. It’s a tricky one the whole teaching gratefulness in our kids and trying to focus on the thoughtfulness of bringing a gift rather than the ‘you bought them what?????’ feeling that sometimes comes

  3. Cute pillow. I find gifts for boys soooo hard! This year I’m trying to make most (if not all) presents and so far so good. I just hope people appreciate how much time and effort I put into making things.

    1. I think the parents do especially if they aren’t crafty!

  4. I ususally go for a craft kit which I put together myself. You can get all kinds of cool craft bits and bobs as cheap as chips at the Playcentre shop: Wooden posicle sticks, Plastecine, feathers, pompoms etc and little sculpting tools. Pop them in a home made draw-string bag or 2nd hand cane basket and you have an awesome gift for under $15. This seems to go down well with boys and girls. The shop also has great bags full of different coloured and textured papers for under $5.

    1. Love this idea – practical, fun, creative – ticks all my boxes! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  5. We’re just starting to hit that kind of season – I am not the slightest bit arty or crafty, so I tend to be one of those ‘fill up the junk pile’ present Mums! We hit K-Mart and never spend over $15, and aim for $10 if at all possible… but the PlayCentre Shop, now there’s an idea with winter coming on!

    1. it is so hard to find things that are good but not uber expensive …. fine line I think!

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