This Friday….

I’m loving bloggers – the kind that step up when PJ decided it was time for her to let the Friday loving linky go – thanks Meghan and Kristy.

I’m loving that Nin dropped in the other day with a gorgeous stash of blue and green buttons for me – just because

and I won a beautiful fat quarter from Kirsty just for getting her oh-so-tempting newsletter every month (I suggest you sign up too if you are a fabric lover)

and that when I was in need of paper bags for the mystery party this weekend both her and Nin made suggestions and offered me bags from their own supplies – generous people!

I’m loving accomplishing stuff – today it’s been parent help, cherry-ripe mudcake, 2 loaves of handmade bread, 2 batches of cupcakes, some handmade bikkies and a whole lot of tasks for a very special birthday party on Sunday afternoon all before school finished.

I’m loving going on a birthday date with Flip

and coming home to find Grandad had done ALL the dishes from the aforementioned baking

I’m loving it’s family awards night

doing giveaways – find the details here – I love giving stuff away, especially good-for-the-soul stuff

and I’m loving that this weekend is the 48 hour film festival – oh yes!! fun, fun, fun

and finding little postcards for Grandad and Aunty Katie written very carefully

What are you loving this week? What are you looking forward to?


4 responses

  1. Mmm, gorgeous buttons! All that baking looks so good – especially the bread – and I love the photos from your date with Flip.

  2. Oh so cute. The bread and baking looks great! What recipe are you using for your sandwich loaf now?

    1. still using the plain old Sophie Gray one – although I’ve been reading through the ones I’m looking after for you guys…it’s a start!!

  3. It’s looking like everything is so organised! All the best for the weekend of Crime too! Seems very fitting with the birthday theme!

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