Make My Week # 21 Lego Man Cushion

Another six-year-old birthday and another personalised cushion.

This little guy is a LEGO lover and so I thought I’d make him a little cushion with the iconic LEGO man on it.

I free-hand copied it and then stitched it on in felt.

Pretty pleased with it and I think the birthday boy was too.

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17 responses

  1. I LOVE this! So cute! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Miriam, this is gorgeous!! It’s such a cool idea, giving personalised cushions as gifts.

    1. I quite like to have a ‘thing’ to do so I have some idea when an invitation comes home!

  3. Very neat hand work. I am very impressed . You are very creative and generous. xx

    1. The neat handwork happens now and again!

  4. what an awesome gift for a lego fan- love it!

    1. I was pretty stoked to think of something that wasn’t lego but suited a lego-lover!

  5. Cute! What a cool gift.

  6. Very creative and I’m sure he loved it.

    1. I think he did and his mum is a crafter so I’m sure she valued the effort!

  7. well done! how gorgeous!!

    1. thanks – I was quite pleased with it being a reasonable likeness

  8. I saw the pieces in your previous post all cut out and wondered what they would turn into. My boys would LOVE that as a present. Well done!!!!

  9. That is the coolest pillow ever!!! Well done!

  10. Love it!

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