Happy On Friday

Hello Lovelies

What’s been making you smile this week?

I’ve been loving seeing my boys meet their beautiful little cousin

Watching my big boy’s class assembly

Looking forward to having some lovely Christchurch bloggers over tomorrow night – if you are a Chch blogger and I don’t have you on my list please leave a comment and let me know – we are very inclusive!

and giveaways – my one and this one which is an opportunity to get some beautiful songs from an amazing NZ talent and right on NZ Music Month too! enter them – it makes a blogger every excited to have lots of people entering their giveaways – I promise!!

and getting my first year of blogging back as a hardcover 180 page book! Whoop – cost a bit and took a lot of hours but such a great record of our lives and my creative journey

Pop over and see what other people are grateful for


5 responses

  1. what a great idea to do a blogging book for the year!

  2. Book looks great! And thanks for the link up to my giveaway! You are right – it’s exciting when people enter.

  3. super cute wee cousin there!! yah! Very exciting!! Could i please get the details of the people you got your blog made into a hardcover book from? A friend of mine is hoping to somehow be able to do that but with his facebook page as a bit of a record of his families journey with his wife/mum passing away, would love to pass on the details to him, looks great!

  4. So cute to see some of the interaction between cousins. Good idea on the book too.

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