When Good Bread Goes Bad

For the past year or so I  have made all our bread by hand -2 loaves at a time – without a bread maker, the old-fashioned way

Which I love to do except when my cooking spray runs out….

hmmm yeah – kind of resent it when it doesn’t turn out of the pan like a dream (which I did my best to grease!)

What kitchen mishap do you take personally??


6 responses

  1. that bread looks yummy! Care to share the recipe/tips for us who can’t ever seem to get bread making right?
    I would say forgetting ingredients is always frustrating…..but it happens when the boys are helping.

  2. I have a friend who is a baker ( makes yummy organic breads & pastries) and he told me years ago to use oil to grease the baking tins, it works every time!

  3. Also meant to say that I use a spray bottle thingie that I got from briscoes- it’s stainless steel & you just fill it with the oil you use ( olive oil in our house).

  4. Regardless of the mishap, your bread looks so good!

    I get grouchy if any type of baking sticks to the pan – that’s why I love making cupcakes 🙂

  5. As mentioned by others that bread still looks yummy and I would love some fresh lemon curd on that, heaven. Usually I don’t like it when I follow a recipe and it still doesn’t come out like they have and I often wonder why not?

  6. Oh no! I hate it when that happens.

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