Wardrobe Wednesday and Make My Week #23

So this month for Wardrobe Wednesday we can pick whatever we like – which means you have no excuse not to sign up if you’ve been putting off because you don’t fit the theme my friends!

This is my June make…..It is from a 1950s re-production pattern from Simplicity and it has 12 darts, yes 12!! but other than that it is very simple to make.

I may also have a confession to make… at the beginning of this year I put myself on a self-imposed fabric embargo for 6 months and I have been going very well but in May I was given a $30 spotlight voucher at the same time as receiving a ‘spend $100 get $40 off voucher’. This meant for $30 of my own money I could get $100 worth of product. So I thought a lot, truly!, and I decided that $100 worth of notions was do-able but not really that necessary. I bought 3 pieces of fabric. This is No.1. Please don’t feel too disappointed.

This fabric is taffeta which means it sticks out nicely and has that crisp rustly feeling. It also frays like a mad thing but I was very disciplined and overlocked every seam.

I wore it to our screening of the 48hours film we made (I believe in over dressing) with my grandmother’s mink cape – say what you might about fur (I wouldn’t buy it new but I’m happy to buy leather shoes??)  but the animal has already been killed for no good reason so I might as well make it’s life count for something.

And this is how I wore it to church on Sunday on a cold winter morning.

Dress – made by me – approx cost including notions and the pattern $30

Belt – hand-me-down/ on loan? from my Singer Sister

Shoes – ages old No.1 shoes I also have a black and red pair

Cape – Mink from my grandmother

Black undertop – Zara UK

Black opaque tights – probably had them since high school!

Black sequined sneakers – The Warehouse – slowly but surely coming apart – sob!

I joining in with Nin the Seamtress/Designer at Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz

and other ‘show and tell’ers over here
I share my creative space on Village Voices


15 responses

  1. dress looks awesome! Well done you!!

    1. thanks! I love the fabric

  2. 12 darts! wow! Looks great on you you!

    1. I know!! 12!!! It’s enough to make a girl weep

  3. Glamorous! How’d 48Hours go?

    1. lots of fun we didn’t place but we had a great time

  4. not only are you fabulously creative with your hands but i LOVE the way you write too… cracked me up making the animals life count… i LOVE that, very witty 🙂

    1. thanks for the compliment – I’d love to think I made people laugh

  5. It turned out awesome!! Well done!

    1. thank you I’m really pleased with it

  6. Love that dress; I have a thing for vintage anyway but no mink cape here. Unfortunately if Gran had anything like that she didn’t bring it over to NZ with her. No way I’d buy a new one, but vintage is fine. I would however consider new possum seeing as the only good possum is a dead one.

    1. Ha ha so true about possums and their fur is lovely

  7. You are so cute. Love the old glamour look, especially hand me down vintage coats! I especially hope to meet you one day Miriam. I think we would get along famously. I’ll wear my grandmothers fabulous giant pink woolen and fur coat – its a monster and would look awesome on a glam night out!

    1. I think we’d get along famously too – especially over your wonderful baking!!!

  8. Love the dress and agree about the fur. I have a few of my nana’s fur coats, so warm! x

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