Snowflakes That Stay on Your Nose and Eyelashes

On Wednesday we had a 2 hour school day and whole lot of magical








and a friend coming for the night – whose plane was diverted to Nelson,transferred to a bus which got a flat tyre, stopped in Kaikoura for food to find there was no power and nothing could be bought, and all this for a work meeting…..


6 days into winter and we have SNOW!!


The awesome Atlas took all these pics. He’s one of those Dad’s that takes his boys to the park for an hour when he comes home early on a snowy day.


9 responses

  1. Beautiful shots. Christchurch transformed!

    1. Indeed! Love the snow and how it makes things look

  2. Lovely pictures! There is nothing like frolicking in the snow!

    1. Yes I think my boys would wholeheartedly concur!

  3. Isnt it freeeeeezing?! But snow is definitely so much fun!

  4. Beautiful photos! Riley remembers the snow from last year and now he wants to go back to Chch just to play in the snow again.

  5. wow! Absolutely beautiful! What a great dad the atlas is! Your poor friend!! What an adventure!

  6. It looked so gorgeous on the news last night… but so COLD, I don’t do cold well ;-)!

  7. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    I don’t stop to leave you a message often enough sorry. But I do think of you often and certainly yesterday when I heard of the snow. Winter wonderland for sure. So beautiful. I did also think of those without still. They must be suffering in the cold. Everyone needs an inside toilet! How are things down in Chch these days? Has the snow lasted? Big thumbs up to your hubby for taking the kids to the park. Pretty groovy park it looks too!
    Love to you
    Sarah xxx

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