This week I am thankful for enthusiasm

I love how my boys have bucketfuls of enthusiasm

How kids are SO enthusiastic

How they haven’t decided they are too cool to show how really excited they are about life, presents, surprises, snow, dancing….. and the rest

Being naturally enthusiastic makes it difficult for me understand how adults can be so underwhelmed when they win something or are given something or see something amazing – I wonder if it is a way of responding they have learned to be underwhelmed, is it self-consciousness or something else?

Me I’m all for enthusiasm. I love the quote that says

 ‘nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

What emotion do you love to witness in others? These photos will be more properly explained in my B.M.W.B post next week – it’s a good one!!

Joining in with other people exploring gratefulness

3 responses

  1. Perseverance is a highly underrated quality in my books.

  2. I love that unbridled enthusiasm in kids too – I was saying to a friend the other day that as a parent, you suddenly find yourself stopping to appreciate all the things you normally take for granted. I am always saying things like, “Oh WOW! Did you see all those buses??” and “Look! Look! It’s a plane!” They make us see things with new eyes again, and I love it.

    Gorgeous photos!! Can’t wait to see what was happening here… 🙂

  3. Great photos! I wish I was that self expressed! I find it easier to express myself through sound 😀

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