Wardrobe Wednesday – The Snow Edition

Last Wednesday it snowed in Christchurch

Really, really snowed in thick blankets

So in the interests of sharing this is what I wore when I went outside (rather briefly!)

Jeans – river island – hand me down

Boots – from my sister – I think The Warehouse

Coat – Handmade by me from old wool blankets and with needle felting

Hat – off cast from one of my sisters I think – crocheted cream cap

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6 responses

  1. LOVE the coat – stunning (and looks very cosy too). 😀

  2. Gorgeous coat; I think I need to get my new winter coat made soon. After the curtains though.

  3. super cute! LOVE IT!

  4. You made a COAT? You are clever and I’m so jealous. Gorgeous on you!

  5. OMG like everyone…you made a coat! Wow it is lovely, you are so clever, well done you. You look just perfect for the snow weather you are having.

  6. Love the coat so much, perfect winter outfit!

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