Hello Friday

This week I’m loving…..

my very brave boy whose finger got jammed in a door and who has a pinky fracture but was an absolute star. Behaved like a little trouper, charmed the nurses, doctor, radiographer and asked so many beautiful questions and about why and how it was all happening.

I am loving my little boy who built his brother a crane to ‘cheer him up’ while he was at the doctor. My littlest man who loves to bake and especially loves to make gingerbread and managed to handle the hand mixers on his own making them.

I love sitting in front of the fire when it is cold outside.

Being asked to do some modelling. The lovely Nin is having a sale with some of her comfy, lovely tops and she asked me to model them for her. It’s a real ego boost when someone wants to take your picture in their beautiful clothes.

and winners…. I keep forgetting to pick the winners for my May giveaway. Congrats to Max and happygrape2- and thanks to Jolene for such an awesome prize. Please keep an eye on your email for an email from Jolene. June giveaway coming up soon.

what have you stopped to enjoy this week?

5 responses

  1. Ouch, I know so many kids that have managed to fracture something when jamming a finger in a door. Hope he gets well soon, poor little pinky

  2. And a lovely model you are too!

  3. Ouch! Jammed fingers hurt so much, brave little man. Beautiful model, you look great in yellow! I don’t think I own any clothing that’s yellow.

  4. Aww, glad your little guy could be so brave, must have been ouchie! Love your modelling, the photo with the red hat is my fav!

  5. Ow! That hurts bad. Poor little dude. Yeah I can’t live without our fire too these days, although we haven’t had snow like you!

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