Friday Thankfuls

This week I am grateful –

Grateful for fast healers – Flip has his bandaging off already! But the bruise still tells the story.

For crafty friends who are friendly and inspiring and the kind of people where you know you can collect a random, unrelated group of them and they will all still talk to each other and be encouraging. And one of them (the pregnant one!!) will take on the job of making all the hot drinks because she is lovely and she knows no-one will get one otherwise! I did bake though – I have my priorities.

The whole on-line books purchasing thing can leave one with the conundrum of choosing to buy sight-unseen. If you are reading fiction and love the author you can be pretty safe but I tend to spend my pocket-money on crafty books. I have been burnt by this once so now if I read a great review and it looks like I might want to add it to my wish list I simply see if the library has it – pay $2 to get it on hold and see how much I really do want it. And if they don’t have it? I recommend they buy it (and I think they usually do! I’ve only just started this so we shall see).

Loving Bounce’s version of ‘Thank you Lord for giving us food’ (sung grace) that should end with ‘right where we are. amen.’ as a child I actually thought it was ‘ri-twere-weare’ and it meant something like hallelujah. Bounce sings, ‘riot where we are’ – which probably seems perfectly sensible to him!

And a little boy who got given a watch by the neighbours (hand me down – awesome neighbours!) and just about burst with pride. SO cute.

Loving watching my boys scooter home together and listening to Flip tutor Bounce on correct scooter riding technique. Sometimes they are so adorable together it makes you want to burst.

grateful to have found the piece of charcoal-ised sausage on the bottom of the oven – now I know why it smelt weird when I heated the oven up!

and people who pop round with presents, just because. Love you Deb!

What’s making you feel the love right now?

Not a lot of photos – I’ve been busy in the moment.



4 responses

  1. That’s so cute. Was it No2’s first watch? Or No1’s second watch?

    1. No 2’s first watch!!

  2. Grateful Parent teacher interviews are almost done and that my grandchildren are such little cuties! xx

  3. My nephew finished grace with “Army men”. This could be a fitting end to the rioting going on in your son’s grace 🙂

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