Heard Your Heart Say Love and a Giveaway!

or something similar!

It’s Friday again. Day for reflecting on the week that was and the joys that have accompanied it.

Favourite images of the week are these 2 friends at the kindy ‘breakfast, wear your PJs’ party.

This week I’ve also loved catching up with friends and sharing special moments of life together. I definitely measure friendships in the levels of sharing given and received. When people share the journey’s of their hearts with me I feel that deep sense of privilege and joy in their trust.

I’ve also loved making this bread for the first time. For kiwi’s I’d say very similar to vogel’s bread. It has 2 cups of seeds in it (I used Chia, Sunflower and Pumpkin) and it is a no knead bread as well! Whoop! One loaf did explode rather ungraciously in the oven but I can forgive it for that. Make again? Yes. Online recipe here. I also managed to stab myself with a sharp piece of crust on the edge of one loaf (check out those mean jagged edges!) and I drew blood! I kid you not – blood people.

I also picked myself up some very 80s? pumps in orange from an op-shop this week, they called out to me and I don’t think Deb would have wanted them!

Oh and before I go all missing my ‘planned giveaway each month’ here is one for June. This is a beautiful long oblong/rectangle shaped 100% silk scarf from Trade Aid – which means not only is it gorgeous it is also ethically made and the makers receive fair wages.

What isn’t to love? Enter by leaving a comment and if you are a follower by email or google or some other way leave me another comment and you’ll get 2 entries.  Happy to send it anywhere in the world – I’m not sure about inter-galactic postage it seems too unpredictable!

Entries close 10th of July. Winner chosen out of a hat by one of my delicious children

What has made you smile this week?

and just to make me happy and hopefully inspire me for some creative endeavour what is your favourite colour combination?

Joining in gratefully


24 responses

  1. Have no issue entering this draw even though we’re related. FYI in case you didn’t know, I follow both your blogs. Hoping to see you and the wee men at the airport in Sept x

  2. LOVE that scarf! Whats made me smile this week? My two eldest practising in the lounge for the school disco (my seconds first one!)… too cute… i just LOVE the unihibited way they both cut loose to the music!

  3. I’m a follower using google reader

  4. My youngest wanting a “squishy hug” made me smile this week, he’s 8 years old.

  5. I had a very good read =)

  6. Some of the younger chickens encountering frost for the first time; you could just see their puzzled little faces when they were trying to peck the white grass!

  7. Beautiful scarf!

  8. What made me smile this week was smiles at a family gathering. Theres nothing like a warm smile and embrace to get you through cold winter day …. and a hot bowl of soup of course. My fave colour combo is gold, purple, orange, black.

  9. The thing that is making me smile this week is that after being recalled after my recent mammogram, the results were negative- I’m still smiling!!

  10. when a girl shook hands with me at church i smiled

  11. Nice scarf. What made me smile this week was my one year old learning to crawl properly on her hands instead of her shuffle crawling along the ground. She is super cute and I smile whenever I’m with her. : )

  12. Really enjoyed reading your blog, and i love the scarf, a bit of a scarfaholic i am, and to know it is trade aid one, would make me very proud to wear it.,FINGERS CROSSED

  13. I’ve just discovered your lovely blog and subscribed via Google reader. What makes me smile? Seeing a new baby this morning! And at the moment my favourite colour combination is anything with a wee bit of red.. probably because it is winter.
    Kay (Hamilton)

  14. Michelle West | Reply

    My 18 month old daughter makes me smile the most… and whilst being a mum is hard work and I am petrified of how I am going to cope with 2 as I have another on the way every day something good happens. whether it is if I ask her if she wants a jumper … and she Jumps 🙂 or say bye bye 20 minutes everyday and gives me kisses or play row row row your boat with my mum on Skype!

    Gorgeous scarf!!!!

  15. anthony wadge | Reply

    What makes me smile is everytime our dsughter insists a horse is a donkey and says ‘He haw’… She has actually done this once to a lady in a shop lol

  16. Coral and azure blue! The colours reflect off each other, enhanced by the contrast, and bring to my mind beutiful days and exotic places.

  17. michele dunlop | Reply

    learning enthuasism to go with optimism.

  18. Chrystal Steiner | Reply

    Absoutely beautiful scarf. what made me smile?? giving birth to my beautiful baby girl 1 week and 2 days ago.

  19. Trying to feed my daughter her first meal was a laugh!

    I quite like burnt orange and silver colour combination… hmm thinking about it I may have found some inspiration myself!

  20. I just enjoy the crisp morning with the frost and ice down south…It is a winter wonderland..time to snuggle up warm at night next to the log burner with good freinds

  21. What made me smile, watching my husband playing with our grandson, or should I say, our grandson jumping over/on Pop!
    Fav colour combination is Purple and Silver. Got married in that combination too!

  22. Veronica Donaldson | Reply

    My little not quite two year old insisting on having a go at Wii and winning! Either really gifted or it was a complete fluke.

  23. Melissa Taylor | Reply

    My daughter has learned how to jump on the bed. Naughty, but so gorgeous

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