Wardrobe Wednesday Winter Staples

Nin has been focussing this month on wardrobe staples for winter. Mainly I’ve just been wearing whatever I like because, well because I want to find something fun in my wardrobe every day without thinking about rules too much.

This week I am wearing a denim skirt I made about 6 years ago. When I made it it finished just below my calf which as well as not being a great length on me also makes me look rather conservative and slightly like I may be part of a particular religious group (this is made even more so with my long hair).

This outfit works well for bike riding in the winter – although I am still wanting something like these gorgeous fingerless gloves. You can buy them on felt – best NZ crafty website.

Gorgeous assistant dressed himself. Photos – what can I say? Winter photography blues!

Skirt – made by me

Jacket – op shop hand me down

t-shirt – jay-jays about 4 years ago

Boots – bought in the UK

Tights bought in Turkey

Bad hair – naturally mine!

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz

What do you find yourself wearing again and again in winter?

More of what I am wearing on my blog

My what I am wearing board on Pinterest

Enter my giveaway for a stunning trade aid scarf here.


2 responses

  1. LOVE THE TIGHTS!! Just what you need in this savage winter climate!! 🙂 Hazel

  2. right thats it, i cant take anymore!! I need to get me a denium skirt and some funky tights… you are just such a cool yummy mummy, i need to get me some of YOU!

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