With Purpose and Passion

It’s Friday and the first week of the holidays is almost at a close. We have had a lovely week together but today I want to focus my Friday thankfulness on some other treasures in my life.

As I was reflecting on the things that have made my heart swell this week I have been thinking of 3 women I know and how they have contributed to my sense of gratitude and excitement and purpose in living.

One of these women Ange –who has just had a second wee baby has spent this year intentionally working on issues she finds difficult. Intentional self-improvement through practise. Each month she highlights what she will work on and then highlights how it has gone. I have never met Ange but I read her blog and I feel like we might be similar people when she talks about her self-set challenges. I have so much respect for people who decide to go confidently and sometimes painfully in the direction of becoming who they’d like to be.

I often talk about Deb here on my blog. Deb is a resourcer and resourceful. She is constantly teaching and encouraging people to learn new crafty skills, her house is like a train-station come restaurant – in that there are always people there, people being fed, people welcome. Deb is an extraordinary crafter and op-shopper. She has just taken a leap into a whole new world (because having 4 children, numerous pets, a business and a husband isn’t really enough!) and launched an online craft shop with vintage fabrics, kits and loveliness. She is an amazing blogger and she has a lovely giveaway on her blog as well. I am always SO excited to see people pursuing their passions. It makes me excited – I am such a pom-pom waver at heart.

Sophie is another recent addition to my life and over the last few months she has been rallying women to embrace, encourage and support one another through a group she calls The Sisterhood. At the moment she is asking for people to get on board and send treats for women whose lives are in need of encouragement. Because we can. Because we all understand the value and strength we can find in a well-timed word, gesture, bar of chocolate. Sophie is a young mum herself but she is using her voice and her passion to bring hope and life to women she has never met.

So this Friday I am focussing on the joy that other women bring to my life. The inspiration I get from seeing my friends and people I know pursuing their dreams with confidence and determination. Women who start with themselves and their families and then continue to send ripples of joy into the world.

Who is a woman who inspires you and why?

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2 responses

  1. LOVE this post xxx All gorgeous woman indeed WRITTEN by a gorgeous woman also

  2. Oh wow. Thank you, Miriam – your words have filled me with an extra burst of sunshine today 🙂
    I, too, feel like we must be fairly similar – your weekly posts on becoming the mama you want to be always strike such a chord with me – and I hope that one day, we’re lucky enough to meet in person xxx

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