Make My Week #29 Come for Tea

Cup of tea that is!

Last year at Christmas time some of the chch bloggers had a Christmas party and swap.

Delightful Kirsty gave me a wooden tray with a dolphin on it and some gorgeous fabric (which is currently on special at her shop in a different colourway) with a challenge for a make-over. Being that 6 or 7 months have passed I imagine she has forgotten entirely about it. I gave it a makeover and here is the result.

Sanded, cleaned, fabric’d, varnished several coats.

Now I just need a friend over for some tea and biscuits – anyone keen?

See more of my crafty makes here

The dining chairs I did last year

Some coasters using a similar approach

See what other crafty types are up to -click on the ‘Our Creative Spaces’ button on the right.

What are you making at the moment?


10 responses

  1. Lovely job on the tray.

  2. LOVE your creativity 🙂

  3. ooo yes please, i’ll come for tea!!

    1. you’d be welcome ANY time!

  4. ooooh pretty. I’m making button rings at the moment, that and doing the mending!

    1. oh mending – my worst job!

  5. LOVE it!

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