Wardrobe Wednesday – Geek Chic

I bought these socks ages ago with visions of long, lean legs with mini shorts and cute glasses – then I tried them on (and they only came up to my mid-knee) and realised – mmmm not so much for me!

But I do love the socks and heels look so this is what I wore – absolutely nowhere at home packing for our holiday and to the supermarket. (Obviously the heels didn’t stay on that whole time!) Always good to audition outfits don’t you think?

I like my legs they are strong and muscly and they get me all sorts of places but I’m not sure that the long socks and micro lengths are right for such ‘shapely’ legs. At knee-high they are okay but the problem with the other look is your mid thighs really need to be at least as good as the rest of your legs…. these people do exist but they aren’t me!

What look do you adore but doesn’t work on your body?


Denim skirt –  made by me

Socks – Farmers

Shoes – Moda Bella on sale about 5 years ago

Top – Merino hand-me down you can see one bit poking out of one sleeve

Jacket – bought at a Dress for Success sale for $15 label Sportsgirl. Never sure how to wear this or even if it suits me – so I am auditioning it – verdict?

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9 responses

  1. Like the jacket. What does it look like open?

  2. Jacket rocks, looks great on you.

    1. thank you, it’s growing on me

  3. Jacket is great! And yes you do have lovely legs! I like the skinny jeans look but it doesn’t like me. So I don’t go there.

    1. I’m never sure about skinny jeans on me either…. too much thigh and butt emphasis…

  4. Jacket is FANTASTIC as are all your clothes
    You wear everything so well
    LOVE those shoes

    1. thanks – I do love those shoes

  5. this is a SUPER cute look, i’m loving it! Love the color match with the socks and jacket, love the jacket shape & details and the shocking pink shoes are the cherry on the top! gorgy! x x

    1. I quite like colour matches with a hint of surprise

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