Make My Week #30 – Stitching and A Giveaway

I have got a black work embroidery book out of the library a couple of times now and felt very inspired by it and when I asked for traveling crafts recently a few people suggested some stitch work so I had a rummaged through my extensive craft book collection and found one with some black work stitches in it.

All of this is just free-hand rambling rather than following patterns which is good because the fabric is very fine and it would have been a nightmare to be counting carefully.

I made the first one in response to a verse in the book of Job (in the Bible) that spoke to me. I realise it’s fairly random out of context and personal meaning – suffice to say it is about how I feel about bearing the scent of hope in my life and how I hope that might affect/ give hope to others…..

the others are wee brooches I whipped up for fun playing with stitches and with the words from my blog title. One of the ‘inspires’ didn’t turn out as I had envisaged it (happens when you make stuff up as you go along!) so I made another one.

So to the July giveaway –  this month I want to make a personalised hand stitched brooch for you. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment with the word you would want on a brooch. You can also say which style you like best if you want to. I’m happy to send one of these wee chaps anywhere in the world. Entries close Friday 3rd of August 2012.

On the subject of giveaways – bookworms and people who like great ideas for kids head over here pronto – your choice of book giveaway and a great blog to read – yes please.

For other crafty stuff I have made lately look here

For other people’s crafty makings head over here.


6 responses

  1. The “Create” one is my favorite, but I think the word “Love” would be perfect on it!

    1. yes LOVE is always a great word

  2. These are gorgeous Miriam
    And I don’t often enter giveaways, however, these are so sweet so adorable so gorgeous I’d just love one xxx


    1. Thanks Cat – always so generous with your encouragement

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