And Then It Was Friday

It’s been a busy week and I’ve felt a bit tired and blah this week, so the perfect time to remind myself that my life is in fact overflowing in all the best things.

I loving parcels in the post – fingerless gloves from this lovely felt shop image. (image from felt)

A pay it forward book giveaway started by Meghan and forwarded on by Ange….

Doing another giveaway – please enter if you are keen

Lunch with The Atlas – Bounce has just started one full kindy day and so The Atlas and I went out for lunch – like on a date. Love this man.

and an ATM that dispenses coin rolls – whoot! All my small change pocket money issues solved. I really, really am excited by this – I bought $20 worth of 10c, 20c and 50c pieces today. (found this image online – mine are NZ currency!)

See what other lovelies have stopped to enjoy here

2 responses

  1. Those gloves are pretty 😀 And its so great you can have a lunch date with your husband!

    1. I do love a date with my good man

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