Can You Spare 8 inches?

I was reading this post the other day on the Frugal Kiwi and I thought ‘why not’?

Don’t get me wrong I love my hair and but mainly it has grown to Biblical lengths because I am too lazy to maintain it. Growing up my mama’s attitude was always that we could do whatever we liked to our hair because it would grow back. I pretty much always had long. By the end of high-school I could tuck my hair into the pockets of my jeans.

Today I made an appointment with the delightful Rebecca of Huntsbury Hair (really lovely salon if you live in Chch and really reasonable as well) and with her help I now have 10 inches of hair winging its way to America to be made into a free wig for a person suffering with cancer and hair loss.

I have donated mine to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths programme.

Last year a friend of mine shaved her head to raise money for a friend battling with cancer and I remember thinking how amazing that was – I must say I am too vain for that! But when I heard about this I felt like this was something I absolutely could do.

Unfortunately unless you want payment for your hair there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in NZ you can do it and even if you do donate the recipient doesn’t get the wig free.

SO…’s my new do! I am very happy with it and I hope my hair brings someone else encouragement at a difficult time for them.

You only need 8 inches minimum to send… do you have 8 to spare?? Thanks heaps to Frugal Kiwi for the inspiration and for helping me to flex my generosity muscle.



27 responses

  1. Man you’re a legend! Your beautiful thick blonde hair will mean SO MUCH to someone in such a difficult time in their life! Go you! Tears in my eyes as i type… you’re fab x x x

    1. you are the one brave enough to shave your head! So much more selfless xxx

  2. PS: Your new do is gorgeous too!! x x

  3. Wow! Your new hair do is lovely and what a nice thing to do!

    1. thanks I’m really pleased with it

  4. Fabulous you are a wonderful kind caring giving woman xxx
    And as I’ve just finished 31 days of being ‘dry’ to raise money for the Auckland Hospital Cancer ward I applaud you xxx

    1. wow that’s pretty impressive too – you are always finding ways to do lovely things

  5. Lovely girl and lovely hair do too.

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do.
    Love the new ‘do, too!

    1. thank you it’s going to be a lot faster to wash!

  7. What a lovely thing to do. Your new cut really suits you too. Beautiful. Cx

    1. thank you I am really pleased with it

  8. wow!!! Go you M!
    I didn’t even realise your hair was so long!
    Bummer my hair is SO chemically and heat damaged, I think they would probably throw it away.

    1. Yeah I think the length even surprised me when I got to it

  9. Wow It looks awesome! Good on you, that is such a cool thing to do! xx

    1. thank you – it was quite exciting to do actually

  10. I have plenty of hair to spare! Love the new do.

    1. you should totally go for it!

  11. Awesome. Good on you and love the new look too. What a lovely generous, thoughtful woman you are!!

    1. thanks – you inspired for your new do now?

  12. This is so cool Miriam! Good on you. Contemplating it but not sure my hair is quite 8 inches as it’s quite shaped at the back. I’m gonna go measure though as I’m getting overdue for a cut and I love this idea xx

    1. yay good for you – it’s good motivation to get to the hairdresser!

  13. That is so cool!!! And I love your new haircut! And is this kinda an extension of BMWB as you showing the boys how to be selfless and generous? Xx

    1. Thanks Ingrid – we did talk about it together and I heard my big one telling people at school that’s why I had done it

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