As this week draws to a close I want to focus on richness. All around us and in our own lives we often experience the speed in which our circumstances can change – health taken for granted suddenly threatened, stable circumstances instantly changed, good news, bad news, hopes and horrors.

So just for today I want to breathe in the riches I have today – the man I love at my side happy to see me at the end of every day, the healthy, happy loving sons I have been given to parent, the warmth of the fire, the happy news of babies born, a house full of the sound of laughter and dishes on the bench and mess in most rooms. Things I have today that I hope to have all the days of my life. These things do not come with promises to last forever but should I ever lose them I never want to regret having forgotten to be grateful for them every day.

Sometimes when I stop and think about the riches of my life right down to a sneaky bag of lollies in the pantry I am overwhelmed by the wonder of what I have. Sometimes overwhelmed to the point of tears that I could receive such goodness. A wonder I get to appreciate every day. Wonder undeserved – these things come about not from my good deeds or hard work – these are the abundance of circumstances that have been gifted to me.

I am rich every day, today I am stopping and thanking God and letting those blessings rest in my heart.

There is a Psalm that is very precious to me – I think of it as ‘my’ Psalm and as a special one for The Atlas and I. In it is says

The boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for me, surely I have a delightful inheritance.

What blessings are resting in your heart today?


4 responses

  1. A day off work to spend with grandson number 3.

  2. Love this post!! Sometimes I am overwhelmed by what I have and wonder why we seem to want more more more all the time. We don’t live in the flashest house or have the flashest clothes or anything like that but we are warm and feed and I have the two most beautiful children I could ever imagine having and they are very loved!! I say ‘We are more blessed than we even know!’

    1. I so agree so much more blessed than we stop to realise

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