Wardrobe Wednesday – Of Your Era

This month the inspiration for Wardrobe Wednesday is the decade that suits you best

For me I’m a clear 50s girl – I have the ‘perfect’ figure or at least vaguely the right shape. Although I think the designs of the 20s/30s are gorgeous and the designs of the 60s a lot of fun neither styles are built for curves.

This means I go well with an hourglass shaped – either fitted or full in the skirt

This is the outfit I put together for my new haircut last week.

I bought the shirt from Timaru savemart at the same time as I bought this dress. It was a size or 2 bigger than I would normally buy but I used my dress makers dummy to make some serious depth in the darts and left the top part as it was. Then I added the black ribbon and I was all ready for a new do.


Top – $5.99 Savemart Timaru

Belt – ribbon from Spotlight

Skirt – bought on sale 10 years ago Catalyst

Tights – part of a set bought at Cosmic in chch

Shoes – bought in a bundle of 4 off trade me – 25cents!

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