Say It Again….

These are some of the adorable words I’ve been privvy to lately

1. A 3-year-old crying in his bunk ‘Because I told Flip I love him but he didn’t say anything..’ we’ve got some work to do on the concept of going to sleep quietly but oh he is cute.

2. Flip was eating sweet-corn from the cob the other night and going on about how lovely it was and then he said, ‘This is the loveliest thing in the world. But it’s not lovelier than God.’

3. Bounce was talking about something in his lunch box and he said, ‘That’s impressive isn’t it?’. I love the way he talks.

4. When Bounce asks for cheese he says, ‘Cheese please madam.’

5. The other day at kindy Bounce said to me ‘my jacket is over in the green box, that is the ‘lost city’ ‘ a fairly novel name for lost property I thought!!

6. Wee Bounce was getting a hair cut from Ma the other day and part way through he said to me, ‘it’s a long time for a little person to have their hair cut’

7. When the snow comes out Bounce gets excited about putting on his snow ‘um-er-alls’ (overalls) he also always wants to look at the ‘weather a-port’

8. Flip hasn’t got all the ins and  outs of conception but he knows the Daddy gives the Mummy a seed. The other day in the car he suddenly said ‘wouldn’t it have been terrible if Daddy only had one seed because then I wouldn’t have a brother’.

What words can you never get enough of?

Yay it’s Friday – whoop!


7 responses

  1. How adorable are your boys!!! I have a Master W who every night says “night mum, love you, see you in the morning” and who at the moment at 4 thinks “boy babies come from daddys and girl babies come from mummies” and Master B who said when eating dinner “this is yummy mum but not as good as Omas” and this for logic “God made everything except buildings- people made those and they fall down” they always say the funniest things!

    1. how true about people and buildings that is REALLY adorable!

  2. how precious!!!!! Little Bun said the other day that the hubster looked like a Sheep Daddy (he was wearing a cream woolly jumper!!) and keeps coming out with crazy funny things… none of which I can remember now! Arggh. We forget too much and write too little down.

    1. I still have those – ‘I know they said something hilarious, now what the heck was it?’ moments

  3. Hahahaha awesomeness. I need to write down some more Lala-isms

    1. I love having them recorded but there are still heaps I forget

  4. My eldest always used to call cucumber “cumbumber” and my youngest used to call milk “mulk”! They still say some funny things even though they are much older and I wouldn’t change it for the world! xxx

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