Make My Week #32 – Wrist Wallets or Money Cuffs

Not sure of the exact technical term for these but I hadn’t really thought much of them until we started doing pocket-money.

Suddenly my guys need to take money places and even though the big one has a wallet and they often have pockets – it’s just one more thing to lose or leave somewhere. Modelled with kind of photo you’re pleased you didn’t pay for!

Enter the wrist wallet – velcro on and off with a wee zip to hold money or other very small treasures.

I made them from fabric the boys had chosen ‘lighting N’Queen’ and Dr Seuss. Find similar Dr S fabric here.

On Friday when they got up there was a little package waiting for them both at their places for breakfast.

These versions are fully lined and….. I followed an online tutorial!!! I know Juliet will be very proud of me – online tutorials freak me out a bit but this one was very simple. You can find it here.

The boys can put them on without any help too which is great as well.

I am really pleased with these – I can see they might make a feature on the birthday present list. I made 2 extras because it always takes so much longer to make one individually than several at once.

It’s also another pin real life where you take some inspiration on your pinterest board – here’s the board, and you actually do something with it. You can find all sorts of my inspiration on pinterest and follow along if you want to.

I think an adult version would be great too if you were a running/walking type and just wanted a house key (and maybe some $ for a coffee along the way)

What do you think? Would you wear one?


13 responses

  1. Love these! I made one for Riley a while ago but he hasn’t gotten much use out of it yet.

    1. I think our boys will get lots of use out of them now that they have places to take money to

  2. These are SOO awesome 🙂

    1. thanks my boys were pretty stoked with them

  3. love these Miriam, and I think an adult one would be really handy too!

    1. if I ever start running more than once in a year I will make myself one I think

  4. Love them!

  5. Love the model too. Can’t wait till he can tell the difference between a grimace and a smile. So cute! Lovely little wallets. very flash.

  6. My boys would love these!!!!

    1. mine are very pleased with theirs and they are EASY to make

  7. I’ve made one for the girls but I used too heavy a fabric on the outside – a suede – and didn’t use the zip tutorial so am well impressed with your zippy ones! I might have to brave that one! I think they make fab presents too and when the girls wore one to school all their school friends wanted one too… Think they’d be brilliant for adults – I can imagine a camo one for men in particular!

    1. Yes I think I’m going to make a few more to have on hand for last minute gifts. Good way to use all my old manky zips too!

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