B.M.W.B # 33 – Olympics Family Night – Blood and Glory

or it could be blood and gore – y. If you have a sensitive streak you may not want to read on.

With the Olympics being on and reading about Simone’s Family Olympics I thought ‘why not?’. On Saturday afternoon we invited another family to join us, dressed up as whatever countries they wanted to be – no problems if there were double ups.

I made medals, thought of activities – long jump in the hall: with a jumping pad, a landing pit/blanket and a tape measure; hurdles/obstacle course: outdoor benches, around the washing line, kick a ball, under the tramp sprint finish; Sprints: down the drive, onto the footpath, touch the neighbours letterbox and back…. there were some other ideas but we didn’t get to them.

In fact during the hurdle heats (first activity) one of official timers decided to stand on a large Thomas train with wheels to watch and his little brother thought maybe he would pull him along…. concrete face plant anyone?

Massive amounts of blood, I mean massive! and rather a lot of screaming (from injured child)… and we thought it might be off to the emergency room or after hours doctor. However the patient, though difficult to console, wasn’t going to miss out on his Olympics night.  He stayed on (the nurse next door gave us the ok) and even competed in the long jump and later the sprints.  It looks even worse in real life.

We finished the night watching some gymnastics, eating chips, pizza and ice-cream (we had earned it!!) and having a medal ceremony.

What did I learn? That family nights are incredibly important and special to my No.1 son. He adores the anticipation and the doing, the focus and specialness. And he’s pretty brave to boot.

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. Please inspire me with the little moments you are snatching with your little people OR with ideas I could do with mine. If you have blogged about it please leave a comment so we can all visit and encourage each other.
Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

Do you ever have family plans that go astray?


9 responses

  1. I love that your are so organised to do this – but oh my toes are curling at that split lip – yikes!!

    1. it was very toe-curling! and the organisation was pretty relaxed!

  2. Great fun by the looks and good to see my number one grandson is not too disfigured.

  3. Awwww – poor wee thing, looks horrid.

    1. yeah it was and is still a bit cringe worthy

  4. What fun…..and what a brave wee trooper you have there…

  5. Waaaa poor little man xxx But what fun you have with your family

  6. yeah he’s pretty tough even though he’s a wee softy

  7. What a fantastic idea! Hope your son is recovering well 🙂

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