Wardrobe Wednesday – about as 80s as I can manage

Sticking with an era for inspiration I’m working within some of the 80s parameters this week.

There will be exceptions:

– shoulder pads (all ready have my own naturally robust shoulders padding not needed)

– crop tops and exposed midriff – yeah not really thinking anyone would appreciate a large exposure of white stretched mark tummy (I know you can thank me later)

I’m not actually a great fan of the 80s fashions – power suits, MC hammer pants, oversized fluro t-shirts, overalls!, stone-washed jeans, pants that don’t quite make it all the way to the ankles…..

Last week I was all 1950s and I do really, really love the shape but I also have to have fun with the way I dress. I am not a uniform wearer. I am about personality and fun. I like dressing up and I like variety.

This is my ‘I ❤ Jesus’ dress which I first showed off here.

This is my ‘day-wear’ version.

Footless tights – hand-me-down

Shoes – Emily the Strange $7 from a school fair

Dress – $0 fabric and pattern gifted everything else from my stash, handmade

Jacket – bought in Amsterdam in 2004 from Vera Moda I think

Do you stick to a similar style of dressing most days or are you like me feminine one day, channelling a bit of punk the next?

Here’s some other ensembles I’ve thrown together this year

For a sneaky inside other wardrobes try the pleated poppy or lovely Nin at Sailor Spy

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz


3 responses

  1. Loving this outfit !!
    I admire you and colour (as I’m back in my black)

  2. Beautiful and bright. I use to have some Emily the Strange boots when I was at school 🙂

  3. Love this outfit! And those shoes – they are awesome!

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