‘Business Time’

If you are a Flight of the Conchords fan you’ll be familiar with the song ‘Business Time’

there are some very funny (if slightly inappropriate lines in it) about how ‘we’re cleaning our teeth – that’s foreplay’

Tonight The Atlas asked me to order a book online and then we spent the next few minutes joking about how for me ‘that’s foreplay’!! (I am jesting!)

So he says – ‘I tell her to order a book online – oh yeah – that’s foreplay’

then he adds – ‘I let her loose in the fabric shop with a credit card – oh baby – that’s foreplay’

and finally ‘I send her into the op-shop to shop while I look after the boys – yeah baby’

All said and laughed about while he was doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and I was on the computer – oh yeah baby!!

What can’t you resist?

** apologies to any readers that find this less than funny – clearly The Atlas and I think we are hilarious – that’s one of the reasons I love him so much! **


5 responses

  1. you both ARE hilarious!!! too funny x x x

    1. we think we are – and I guess that’s all that matters! 🙂

  2. We think you are both hilarious too.


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