Spilling Over

I often find when I stop to write a grateful post on Fridays I am ‘spilling over’ – there are so many things to be grateful for

The Atlas who spent 4 hours without a curse, an angry sigh, or throwing the computer through the window – to restore everything to its former glory and find everything that was lost. Flip is fascinated by the thought of people creating computer viruses, why they would do it and how they work – we have had a lot of conversations about how sadly sometimes there are grown ups who do bad and naughty things too just to make other people sad.

Little boys who want to wear mama’s crown and her gumboots around – just because they can. (It’s funny how at 3 they want to try your lippy and by 6 they won’t even have a kiss if you are wearing it!)

The 3 idiots (and I say idiot as a compliment) I call my own. Getting one decent photo of the 3 of them was an adventure all in itself.

Grown ups who choose to have their birthday at chipmunks for the little people.

My new kitchen accessory that my mama handed down to me (after several hints!).

An evening with some friendly, interesting and delightful bloggers

(image stolen from Sophie’s blog – home of the sisterhood)

This little man who tripped over during a wrestling match and moved 2 teeth backwards and has serious swelling and bruising but hasn’t let that stop him a jot.

Grandad who saw it was teacher only day today so thought it might be a good weekend to visit and go to Antarctica (the Antarctic Centre) with Flip and Bounce for the day.

Sometimes I feel a fraud for having landed with such lovely kids and a great husband. They are the joy of my life.

What makes you smile this Friday?

Did you enter my giveaway?


One response

  1. Utterly gorgeous boys. Don’t they look grown up in their jeans!

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