Make My Week #35 – For My Soul

Currently our church is putting together a prayer room.

A place for people to go and be and spend time with God whenever they want to – day or night.

I was asked to make some cushions for it. Do you remember those ornate hand-stitched cushions you sometimes see in the very old churches – beautiful pieces with hours and hours of work in them? These are the time poor 21st century version.

I was asked to do the ‘kneel’ one but I chose the words ‘connect’ and ‘yield’. Because for me ultimately prayer is about that  – connecting with a God who loves us, who has walked as a human, who provides a way for us to have real connection.

And I chose yield because ultimately when I yield I find life and relationship that makes me free to be exactly who I am. When I let go and lay down the things I carry that aren’t for me to control or worry about I find peace and I know I am safe in the arms of the one who carries me.

What words bring life to your soul?

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2 responses

  1. They Y and I look especially good!

  2. well done! They look fantabulous!!

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