Under My Roof


As I sit here gathering my thoughts on Thursday night (you realise I can hardly muster a thought to gather at 7am right? – it’s the night before or not at all!) the dishwasher hums in the background and I am thinking about what I am grateful for this week.

This Friday I’m keeping it really simple – there have been good things this week – people who have helped me, people I have helped, laughter and cute things. But today I am grateful for being together under the same roof.

The Atlas got knocked off his bike on the way home and with a thumping headache to boot is in bed, my boys both marginally and not so marginally fighting off colds, me sitting here with a very sore throat and 2 ginger loaves in the oven. The kitchen is vaguely tidy (The Atlas usually sorts it out after tea and he has far better job committment than me!) it looks like there has been a snow storm with puff pastry all over the floor – which I vacuumed earlier!

But this is the thing, we – the four of us – are under the same roof – no-one unaccounted for. Not separated by jobs, ill-health, broken relationships, war…. We, together in body and together in heart. Here we are under the same roof and I can’t imagine a thing worth celebrating about my week more than that.


4 responses

  1. Hear hear, from me working in bed today from the laptop with a rotten cold and cough. Yet I will still give thanks for all the blessings in my life. Hope The Atlas is back to top form soon xx

  2. AWful news about The Atlas. I hope he is OK today. xx

  3. Hope you all feel better soon. It’s days like this when you realise that stuff doesn’t matter, as long as you have your family safely with you xxx

  4. I love your attitude Miriam. I hope you are all recovered very soon. It must have been scary to know that The Atlas was knocked off his bike. Hugs, Jan Mac

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