Make My Week #36 – September Spring Dress

Yesterday I had a day on my own (from 9.20-3pm – that counts as a day right?) and instead of cleaning – which still needs to be done, exercising – which seldom gets done or any other jobs – of which there are plenty! I sewed!

Yes indeed, I made myself a dress.

My mama gave me this Trelise Cooper fabric about 4 years ago for my birthday but I had been a bit afraid to cut into it. Anyway I had been into Annah Streton the other day and feel all inspired by her eclectic approach to fabric combinations – I think she must have grown up with quilts! so on Tuesday night I cut out all sorts of pieces and yesterday I selfishly sewed all day.

I used a Simplicity pattern that I have used a few times before (see yesterdays post for another incarnation) but this time I did the cross over front – oh my! I am pleased this wasn’t the first one I did – the pattern for this version is quite obscure in parts and has whole things missing out. I also ironed a point of the sash on too hot and now it has iron scolds!

I haven’t actually hemmed it yet but let’s not be worried about details shall we!

All up the dress cost me nothing because the fabric was gifted and the lining was leftovers, the zip was gifted in a big pile and I bought the pattern for something else and I’ve already made 4 other versions from it.

If you want to see me wearing it you’ll need to tune in for Wardrobe Wednesday next week.

there is still time to enter my giveaway for a wrist/money cuff thing for a little person in your life.

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11 responses

  1. That fabric is simply scrumptious darling xxx
    You’re talented talented talented xxx

    1. Thank you – I still can’t crochet though!

  2. The fabric looks so beautiful! Can’t wait to see it on.

  3. Great job – it’s gorgeous! I was totally inspired by Annah S last summer and made one of those crazy 6-in-1 wrap type dresses she sells. Looking at your dress I can’t believe it’s just occurred to me… that you can take a normal dress pattern and cut it out in more than one fabric. Genious. Must do it right now…LOL Okay, maybe wait till after work 🙂

    1. I know I felt exactly the same when it came to me – why haven’t I done this before?? I hope to see how it turns out for you!

  4. ps… What pattern did you use? It looks perfect for cutting into many different sections.

    1. will have a look and let you know – it’s a new look one and I only bought it last year os it should still be available

  5. It is GORGEOUS. and looks so flattering in these pics… wanting one now ;-)!

    1. thanks – easy to wear too

  6. Wow. So awesome.

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