Whoop! The Weekend

This week has been full of little joys – the kind that can pass you by unawares or the kind that can fill your heart with a fruity scent of happiness. Don’t you love those little legs??!

I love this photo of The Atlas and Flip’s football team having a real team talk.

The ninja cookie drop oh yes all sorts of excited ladies trying to secretly deliver baking to strangers. So much fun. Another way you can support the gorgeous work of the Sisterhood is to race over here and find out how to vote for them to get a scholarship – let’s keep the love going folks!

 This little fellow I found in my shoes ready to help out with my sewing

Bounce saying, ‘Mama Daddy blew off! Lucky I wasn’t at the bottom end!‘ while they were sitting on the couch reading together.

And Flip talking to a friend who had been to Wellington and said, “Did you see the house with the strawberries? That’s my Granddad’s house.”

Looking forward to attending this awesome fashion event this week – I’ve got my ticket now I just have decide what to wear! A runway show on bikes?? Fun! pop over here and see if you can win some tickets!


Answers to little prayers – I was standing making dinner at my oven on Monday night and I was chatting away to my Big Papa and I said – ‘I would really like a better bigger frying pan’ (mine is too small and dying). I sent Flip next door with some socks the neighbours son had left while he was playing and he came back with a really nice frying pan that our wonderful neighbour didn’t want any more. When I went over to say thanks she had replaced her cook-top and I came home with another even larger frying pan. One pan asked for 2 pans received within 10 minutes of a chatty prayer – God is so cool.

The Atlas who saw my new dress in my sewing room and said ‘Wow it’s like model runway (I think he meant project runway!)’, he’s usually a ‘wait until I see it on’ kind of person so I was well stoked with this praise.

Don’t forget to enter my money cuff giveaway it will be closing this weekend in time for a new giveaway on Monday!

Joining in with more grateful people here


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  1. Love the strawberries quote. So cute.

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