It’s not that I don’t want to live in the country but….


1. I would miss the people – being at the extreme end of extrovert I even enjoy the after school pick up – you know ‘cos it’s a nice time to chat. I just couldn’t handle the isolation – even with the internet. I’m one of those people. Need people – preferably lots of people, preferably a lot of the time. I don’t mind my own company – in fact I find myself wonderful company from time to time. I day-dream about whole days to myself to sew and craft…..

2. I couldn’t wear nice stuff – now before you start to show me pictures of gorgeous people wearing beautiful things across their lifestyle blocks – you just need to understand there are certain places I (me only) can’t dress up – one is for the gym – must look awful, must wear no make-up and the other is on the farm – any farm. Can’t bring myself to skirts. It’s weird but these are my rules and I must live by them. It’s also shallow oh yes it is but I couldn’t go week after week without prancing about in pretty clothes.

3. I can’t do icky – yes I realise your respect for me is currently at rock bottom so let’s just see if we can get it any further. A friend asked me to feed the compost scraps to her chooks a while ago – instantly changed my mind about even the slightest possibility of having chooks. I have textural issues and one of them is slime.

4. I like to be inside. It’s not that I don’t like to be outside – I quite often hugely appreciate the stunning beauty of nature I did take all of these pictures, but I really like being inside pottering about – surely the point of the country is the fresh outdoors and days spent without a building in sight…. not me

It’s not that I need the shops, or cars – I love riding my bike and I don’t even shop that much.I see people’s gorgeous pictures under trees and pottering in paddocks – and I sigh at its loveliness.

so get the self-sufficient desire – in fact I’d quite like it myself – but I need someone to do the icky stuff for me. I do make all our cleaners and bread from scratch, by hand. I do love the garden bursting into spring – I just don’t hanker for getting dirty. I get the idyllic desire but I know I wouldn’t enjoy the reality.

And I’d miss the library, and going to see shows, museums, art galleries, festivals, markets and cultural celebrations and the emergency fish and chip shop nearby….and maybe I’d miss some shops – the fabric ones, the op-shops…

So question is – is there anyone else out there who loves the town too or am I a lone town mouse in a sea of country mice and ‘wish I was’ country mice??


10 responses

  1. Oh honey . . . apart from the chicken bit you’ve described me to a T !! !! !! I’m so with you on all of that stuff !! !! !! I LOVE the City LOVE real life PEOPLE !! !! !! I think you missed out cafe culture LOL as I LOVE meeting my friends for coffee! Oh the op shops yes *sigh* I’m with you on that one toooooooooo. Fabric I can do online . . . But oh yes I’m a City girl – the bigger the better toooooooo

    1. Yes bigger the better – except for traffic!

  2. You came by the town mouse gene honestly. I am with you all the way except for too many people! Country is lovely for a break but town is best!

    1. So I am ‘same,same but different’!

  3. I think I’m a town mouse, I love bits of the country lifestyle, but I know if I ended up there I’d go bonkers pretty quickly. I too like pretty clothes but dress for what I’m doing and on a farm that’s not pretty clothes. I can live with my own company for quite a long time, but I need to get with other crafters from time to time in order to keep grounded.
    The idea of being committed to a 24 hour job aside from looking after the boys (which a farm is) does not appeal at all. There are times though I think that a farm life would be really good for the boys, preferably with no internet, x-box or tv. They’d hate it but it would be good for them nonetheless.

    1. yes definitely a 24/7 job I couldn’t handle that aspect either

  4. I love visiting the country (kinda have to, with a hubby who grew up on a farm!), but I’m definitely a city girl through-and-through. Hubby talks about moving back to the farm one day, and while of course I’d go with him…I’m hoping it’s not for a few years yet!!

    1. I think The Atlas would like the idea but in reality he’d miss the people too much

  5. I love living in a city, but recently I have thought more about moving to a smaller town with a better climate but that’s all it’s been so far…thoughts. In the meantime being able to visit and soak up the country when we visit my folks means I can appreciate best of both worlds 🙂

    1. I get what you mean about the best of both worlds – there are some lovely things just not long term for me!

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