B.M.W.B#38 – For All the Family

I’m sure many of you will have seen the crayon-art craze sweeping the internets.

Not content to do it just the way other’s have (and due to the fact we have white walls) I decided to go for a black canvas.

I did all the lining up and gluing while the boys were in bed then on Sunday afternoon we all, even The Atlas, turned our hand at crayon melting. We used the hairdryer for a while then swapped to my heat embossing gun (still in the packet 2 years on – ahem!) which was much faster. The hairdryer did work – even the teeny one we have.



After we finished it we signed the sides and let the boys choose which way up to hang the picture – taking after their mama wanting to be different perhaps??

It was so fun to spring an unexpected art activity on them. Afterwards Flip suggested some ‘octopus’ so we delayed dinner for 10minutes and played together outside.

It made a slightly crazy, ‘everyone in different directions’ day so special for all of us.

I do love doing special things with my boys.

Cost – Black Canvas $13.99 and crayons cheapie ones box of 64 $4.49 all from The Warehouse. Crayons attached with a hot glue gun but my friend Cat did hers with double-sided tape.

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. Please inspire me with the little moments you are snatching with your little people OR with ideas I could do with mine. If you have blogged about it please leave a comment so we can all visit and encourage each other. 


10 responses

  1. LOVE it on the black canvas
    LOVE the look of the melted crayons
    LOVE it on your art wall – upside down or right side up

    1. thank you – you were one of my inspirations!

  2. Wow, gorgeous! It looks fantastic.

    1. thank you and very easy – win, win

  3. A lovely creative activity for your family. I’m sure they get a thrill to see their art work hanging on the wall too.

    1. I do love having a family art wall – it’s lovely to have it as valuable as the other art in the house

  4. Love the black canvas, looks so cool. And hanging it upside down looks awesome (love the other framed masterpieces too).

    1. oh yes we are very artistic us! 😉

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  6. Very cool idea, love the way you hung it, just perfect

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