Make My Week #38 – Rest

It’s a friend’s birthday this week and like most people I know she is a busy, self-sacrificing, wonderful woman.

So I made her a rice heat pack with a zip off cover even! – apologies to those who find the use of food offensive in crafting – and an eye mask.

She is a dog and animal lover so I thought this fun fabric was perfect.

The eye mask came from an idea and tutorial on Amelie and Atticus (a blog I read) – note my awesome cutting skills that means the dog has no head – yeah I marvel at my talent sometimes too!

I have infused both with some lavender and lemon essential oils – restful and reviving – hopefully they don’t cause confusion!

To see what others are making this week click on Our Creative Spaces on the right.

I’ve also made some yummy and easy muesli this week – let me know if you’d be keen for a recipe post.

Both the rice heat pack and the  eye mask are very easy first-timer projects if you are someone who is keen to start sewing.


4 responses

  1. 🙂 yes please for the muesli recipe!! You are very clever!!

  2. LOVE it! And perfect for an animal lover!

    1. Thank you – I thought so!

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