Get Yourself Some Advent Action

Cat is organising an Advent swap – this means you get to prepare 24 little items with love and excitement for someone and at the end of November you get a parcel of wonderful things to open every day up until Christmas. This is such a perfect swap for a person like me that loves buying, making and collating gifts and who also – much less admirably, loves receiving gifts! Win and win.

It will also make you the envy of all your family members and it’s not often the mama get’s that lovely role. You are also guaranteed 24 surprises this is also good because if you are anything like me in terms of responsibility for buying the gifts there will be no other surprises for you under the tree. (not that I mind of course but I do love a good surprise!)

As the 1st of Dec is my birthday I think this would be an excellent way to start my 35th year!

If you want more information and you want to sign up (of course you do!!) head over here for all the dets (I love using the word dets – it makes me feel very ‘cool’. I realise it probably isn’t a cool word at all but as I have no teenagers to let me know this I am happy in my ignorance).

Um yeah – sign up okay?  this will be FUN!



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