We Recommend for Under 5s

Further to last weeks recommendation and happily also suggested in the comments today I’m highlighting ‘Thomas Bingo’. We were given this game a while ago but I love the way this version works.

The game has 2 dice – one with the letters B, I, N, G, O and a ‘Thomas cloud’ and the other has 6 Thomas images.

On their turn each player rolls both dice and then they check if the image appears in the letter column – and if it does they cover it. Bounce and I play this one quite a bit and the boys can also play it independently. Over the summer (when he was just 3) he started to really understand it and if I used paper either side so he could just see the right column it worked well.

Now he is able to do it himself and of course the bonus of becoming more confident with some of the letters of the alphabet.


To win a player need a whole line – across, down or diagonally.

A really simple game but one that requires very little strategy so it is easy for the littlest to play with a chance of winning. I also think it would be great to make your own version – perhaps using a name or family name or topic ‘animal’ or ‘vehicle’ or ‘colour’ could be great. After collecting the images and arranging them however you like (because each person is working individually double ups don’t matter) laminate get some big dice and cover them and a pack of disks and you are good to go.

I keep meaning to do our own version but this one makes my wee Thomas lover very happy so the motivation is low.


(Coming up to Christmas I am doing some recommendation posts – these aren’t sponsored they are just supposed to give you some ideas when you are asked for recommendations from the relatives!)

To see what we recommended last week go here and read the comments too there are some other great suggestions.

Have you thought of any other games/books that are worth their weight?


4 responses

  1. Your wee Thomas lover makes his Ma really happy too so it is win win! He asked me the other day out of the blue, “Ma, do you love Thomas?” So cute! xx

    1. He is so cute – I’m often asked how much I love bear

  2. That looks great… on the look out for something like that for our little dude (a Thomas fan too)

    1. It has had a lot of use at our place 🙂

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