Make My Week #40 – October Dress

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to make myself a piece of clothing every month this year.

Recently I had my sister over to go through my fabric stash and help me out with re-visiting fabrics (another goal this year was to buy less fabric and use the stuff I actually have!).

So I have, finally, whipped up this very, very simple dress. Literally 2 pieces of fabric and some bias binding from the stash and the dress is done.

I love this fabric it is super stretchy and quite heavy. I bought the fabric for $4.99 from an op shop about 3 years ago. There was loads of it I still have a least half a metre left.

Another perfect summer dress for the days where the shaving regimen has gone out the window (happens to me anyway!).


I made this dress from start to finish in about 1.5 hours – I can’t believe it’s taken 3 years to get around to it.

Joining in with our Creative Spaces – click on the button on the right. I was going to save this for Wardrobe Wednesday but where is the fun in showing you something I’ve already shown you?

For more things I have made this year

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8 responses

  1. Yep – as soon as baby 2 came along, shaving went out the window!

    Love the colours in that dress ;-)!

    1. I love the blue and green together too – my favourite colourS!

  2. WOW! that is a fantastic dress and you look AWESOME in it!!

    1. thank you – it is so comfy I had a sleep on the couch in it just after I made it! 😉

  3. Wow! Your dress looks awesome Miriam. Who would ever think it was so simple to make?

    1. really it really was that simple – I just traced around a t-shirt dress I had and lengthened it out and hoped for the best!

  4. I LOVE it! Seriously you are super talented! When you get tired of it send it up to Auckland for a wee visit, haha!

    1. ha ha Maybe I’ll just do that!! 🙂

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