Little Sad to See You Friday….

Normally I am so happy to greet Fridays but when it comes to the last day of the school holidays I feel a little sad. I so enjoy having my boys home and the easy relaxed pace. The time to craft and hang out… the little things of having the 2 best kids in the world nearby to listen to and watch.

This week I have loved watching them both make amazing leaps in the swimming pool. It’s the first time Bounce has done these kind of lessons (5 in a row) and it has been such a treat to be in the water with him. ‘Ma’ took one day and I got to take photos.

As for Flip I love the way he listens and concentrates so hard on his lessons. He is such a delightful wee chap.

Lunch in the sunshine with The Atlas

Spontaneous cupcakes with Ma after swimming.

Public Art – the great thing about a city in ruins is that people are able and allowed to decorate space and make sweet statements about life. So much of the city is bare and tangled and ugly but in so many of those spaces people are making beauty – love it.


The ring and earrings and brooch I whipped up one night in front of the TV. Love those quick projects that satisfy a crafty itch.

Getting ready for the Advent Swap – a perfect opportunity for someone who loves buying and making presents to get over excited.

Finally I’m loving that this time next week, God willing, I’ll be in Melbourne with The Atlas – husband extraordinaire. 2 days and 3 nights while Aunty N and Uncle A move in to our place to play parents. If you have been to Melbourne before please leave me any must dos.

Have a great weekend. Let the sun shine in!



12 responses

  1. My favorite moment this week was singing with little Bounce when he tried to stay the night all by himself, but then missed his brother too much. His little face singing edelweiss (spelling?) is a beautiful memory. xx

    1. Yup he’s pretty adorable! 🙂

  2. LOVE the swimming caps! We’ve taken a break for the last two terms as I couldn’t work out how it would work with a newbie and my parents being away a fair bit, but am looking forward to getting Tiny back into his lessons as he loves it and I love how confident he’s becoming.
    Gorgeous art spaces around Chch – love the pianos.
    Oooooh, and I LOOOOOOVE Melbourne!! Here’s a link to the blog I wrote about it a while ago:

    1. awesome thanks for the link I love your travel posts

  3. So great that you are heading away for some alone time 😀 The boys will love what ever comes their way and great swimming caps!!

    1. I love the caps too – although it is a mission to convince them to wear them swimming

  4. What a nice post. It has been so much fun hanging out with the boys. A.

  5. Those pianos are cool, and I LOVE your brooches. Melbourne is SUCH a fab city, we loved it. Here are some of my posts from earlier this year too…

    But in short, Federation Square, Queen Vic markets, a ride around the city on a City Circle tram, St Kilda, the Museum, the Botanical Gardens & Shrine of Remembrance were my favourite spots 🙂

    1. Awesome thanks great reading!

  6. Wow, Melbourne! Have a wonderful amazing time! And can’t believe you just “whipped” up that amazing brooch, you really are super clever!

    1. Just super simple!! :o)

  7. What? How did I not know about Melbourne and playing parents? Good on you 4!!! Do those bathing caps look familiar to me?

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