Make My Week #43 – New Look 6000

I bought this pattern a while ago because I loved the pleated part so much but it takes a heap of fabric and I haven’t quite managed to get around to that view.

But the other day I picked up some fabric reduced to $6m and with another 30% off and so for $7.40 or something crazy I bought this cotton drill and made the plain version with the short sleeves. I love this fabric so much. It’s very William Morris I think.

Often when I am sewing I lengthen the hem only to find I have way too much length at the end so this time I cut it exactly and oh me, I literally overlocked and turned. This pattern is short!

The sleeves have a cute pleat detail on top (that is very hard to self-photograph!!) and I used an exposed zip. I quite like using hard looking exposed zips on super feminine clothes just to give them some spunk. (The Atlas told me I had spunk – personality wise – last night! He is so awesome.)

I graded the pattern from a 12 in the body to a 14 at the top to make some room for my ‘Taranaki Shoulders’.

This is the second dress I have made this month – the other one is here. I’m wearing the dress with the camper boots The Atlas bought me when we were in Milan before we had kids and a mortgage!

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There are lots of people who have made this New Look 6000 pattern google it for more incarnations.


13 responses

  1. I love your dress. I’ve used this pattern a number of times but always made the pleated version so it is good to see how well the plain one turned out. I agree the pattern is short, I always add on a few inches as I got caught out the first time!

    1. Yes thankfully this is a length I like but there was no room for turning it up!

  2. Lovely dress. Very good shape. Well done. x

    1. Thanks I like the shape too

  3. I love the dress and the fabric. I also like the Make my Week idea. I know some bloggers have a Make My Day. There is just no way I can make something in a day unless I’m by myself for an entire 24 hours, which never happens. But make something in a week? Now, I can manage that! Great post!

    1. thanks for your encouragement – the nice thing is you have 52 projects to look back on at the end of the year

      1. Yes, and that can be a fun way to build a wardrobe. I got to get started!

  4. I LOVE this dress and well those boots WOW WOW WOW I love them!

    1. yeah the boots are pretty rad I have had SO much wear out of them

  5. Your dress is so lovely! Every time I see this pattern made up, I love it more. Why haven’t I purchased it yet? No idea.

    1. it’s certainly a very simple make that is for sure

  6. WOW! your are so clever…! And I get to MEET YOU on Sat night- I am BEYOND excited!!!!!!!!!

    1. whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Awesome!!

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