Today You Are 4

Dear Bounce

You are a delight to my heart. I couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have you in this family. You are funny and you are a great entertainer.

This year you have grown up but you have also grown so many skills – you have been biking to school and kindy for a long time now. You are gaining swimming skills. You can write and read your name. You know my name is ‘m then another letter then m‘.

You laugh so much and it’s the best sound in the world. You have a great sense of humor. You talk -all.the.time. There is a constant stream of gorgeous chatter that goes wherever you are. You love to be included in everything and you really, really don’t like going to bed earlier than your brother.

You love to play ‘the old house game’ (where we pretend you are a baby and snuggle you up in a quilt) and the hiding in the washing basket game – for which I am given very specific instructions!

You like kindy but you’ve told me actually you’d rather just be home with me.

You are strong and you have awesome dance moves. Your ‘daddy bear’ is still almost permanently at your side at home and he often goes other places with us too – but we leave him in the car so he doesn’t get lost.

You love machines with a passion and there are always so many to look at in Christchurch.

But most of all, just as you always have, you love your brother. So much so you don’t want to have a special night at Ma n Pop’s if it means being away from him. You include him in everything and often save special information and things to show him each day.

You are articulate and you are clever but you are also kind and supremely helpful. I can always rely on you to respond quickly when I ask you to do something for me. You like kisses, but just on the cheek at the moment, thanks. You are so huggly and you are always moving.

I love you little Bounce. I have loved the last 4 years together and I look forward to this very special year we have together at home before you start school.

You are a gift to my heart and to us all.

Happy Birthday baby boy. xxxxxx


13 responses

  1. Happy birthday gorgeous boy! Such a lovely post Miriam xx

    1. Thanks Meghan – it’s a privilege to be his mama

  2. Happy Birthday little man!


  4. I love you to bits and pieces too My favorite little four year old. xxxxx

  5. Lovely Miriam, Happy Birthday Wil!!

  6. Happy B’day big guy.

  7. Awww what a gorgeous post and I LOVE those lil fingers in the mouth whilst sleeping ~ bless him

    1. I think that was an ‘i’m pretending to sleep – aren’t I cute shot’ xx

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