I love

Boys who have seen advent swap presents for them!! Oh the excitement – let’s just say there are 2 boys really looking forward to December!!

Cupcakes with someone who is 4

Breakfast brunch with my sister – I love that I have the kind of sister where we can both cry talking about a lovely picture book one of us has never even read. Yeah – we’re ’emotionally gifted’.

finding my boys on our bed reading their baby books before school one morning

Photos from the athletics day Daddy went to

Fabric bargains – marked down to $7 a metre – rung onto the til for $3.50m (so then I went back and got some polka dots as well)

Washing on the line – 3 loads, no line space left and no pegs…love those days

 Pop over to Meghan’s and fill your heart up with things to love too!


6 responses

  1. Loving your loves…I am so jealous of such an awesome washing line…we only have a pull out one with 4 rows that gets used in the summer as it gets no sun in winter, and most of our clothes get dry on clothes horses inside…but you really can’t beat the smell of laundry aired outside! I so enjoy going to my mum’s and using her rotary line…I just wish we had the space for it…

    Ha ha sorry that was a rather long winded paragraph and all about a washing line….random! Hope you all have a fab fab weekend xx

    1. I am so with you on that – I love my washing line too!!!

  2. And I just LOVE the fact you took a photo of your washing line and LOOK at how colourful it is – I’m a little worried the pegs aren’t colour co-ordinated and in order (can you tell I’m a little peculiar like that LOL)
    Those boys must be super excited !! !!

    1. ha ha I love that you co-ordinate your pegs. You’d probably need specialised help after all the randomness at our house! :o)

  3. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    Wow those are your boys? Gosh they have grown heaps!
    They are certainly Turing into handsome little men!

    1. yup it’s amazing how fast they grow!

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