Make My Week #45 – The November Dress

So… I challenged myself to make a piece of clothing each month this year and this is the latest.

I made this from a 1950s reproduction Vogue Pattern that I had made once about 10 years ago.

This version looks so different but I guess that is the joy of how fabric can alter the entire look of a garment.

These photos were taken by the lovely Nin and feature the delightful Juliet. We were at the opening of The Make Cafe – a very exciting cafe which includes a fabric shop, classes and sewing machines you can hire by the hour in store.

I call it my road cone orange dress. Course it will mean I don’t need to wear high vis when I bike the boys to school!

joining in with our creative spaces – click on the blue button down on the right.


9 responses

  1. Nice work. Good colour on you.

  2. Oooo I love this! Great fabric too! Trying hard not to be jealous but failing…

    1. The fabric was super dooper cheap! but I rather like it too!

  3. LOVING the orange!
    Squee the make cafe is open! Now bring it to Auckland

    1. or bring you to Christchurch!! 😮

      1. Oh THAT is happening next year ~ remember ~
        BTW I’m LOOKING for this pattern if you can help
        you will recognise the shape from a certain designer shop we visited in Matakana . . . . It came in black and white polka dot with a touch of red and at the cost of $450 I left it there

  4. Good work. It really suits you.

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