Make My Week # 46 – Ah Hoop-la

I first saw this neat embroidery on Cat’s blog here

and when I saw her last month I asked if I could copy it – I kind of free-handed it rather than properly followed because, well you know how I roll :o) (unless you are new in which case I’m not much of a pattern follower)

I have made this for my brand new beautiful niece and seeing as she is unlikely to see or remember this post I thought I’d debut it here.

My niece lives in London so this also has the advantage of being very light to send.

What things do you make that are light to send internationally?

Joining in with creative inspiration at our creative spaces – blue button down on the right.

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10 responses

  1. Really sweet. Well done.x

  2. Clever clogs- this is JUST gorgeous!

  3. Its so cute!!! And I love your new nieces name (my youngest is Elise).
    I post over to NZ and the USA all the time and hoops are one of the things I have made in the past to send, also crochet or knitted items don’t weigh too much. This year I have resorted to ordering magazine subscriptions for my nieces (who are 16) as I can’t think what to send.

    1. It is such a pretty name. Magazine subs are a great idea

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