Make My Week #47 – Speedy Craft

The super glue, the pre-bought fixtures, the speed – what’s not to love??

This week I used some gorgeous vintage buttons my sister bought me in Europe to make these super sweet earrings.(I used a mini saw to shave off the back loops)

I also used some dahlia flowers in resin (or similar something!!) to make another pair of earrings

and this rather large rose ring.

So long as you can control yourself not to touch them too soon (give them 12 hours) these have to be the easiest fastest craft ever.

I had the inspired idea to use my pincushion to hold the earring stalks in place while they dried – it worked a treat.

Other creative types over at Our Creative Spaces – blue button down on the right.

Can anyone else believe it is 47 weeks already…. does that mean there are only 5 weeks left of the year?????


8 responses

  1. Gorgeous! I love crafts like this – simple and satisfying.

    1. me too it’s so nice to churn things out sometimes

  2. Lovely! I like the red dahlia the most. Instant gratification!

  3. Cute! The buttons have a better life on your ears than on your clothes!

    1. indeed more opportunity to wear

  4. Gorgeous! The dahlias are so beautiful. I love that you can see past the obvious use of something and make it into something special.

    1. sometimes I can other times I get stuck on correct use!

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