When Friday Comes

I am so grateful for the sunshine that has graced us this week

a little boy who played his violin at school assembly this week and the kind of children that sing along to ‘twinkle, twinkle’ and tell him he did really well

the sweet friendships my boys have and the ways in which they play as a group when others come without drawing lines about ages and genders…long may this last



I loved teaching a class for children at the Make Cafe last week and seeing their sense of excitement and satisfaction when they made something – some of them had never threaded a needle before the class

and the beautiful way Kirsty set the class up makes me excited about the one I am going to attend

Loving laughing until I cry watching You tube clips of wipe out – kinda a cheap laugh but we all think it is hilarious here…..

I love that it’s nearly December and so The Atlas will be soon shaving the world’s most awful mo off soon… can’t come soon enough

and I’m loving and getting totally anxious about this performance coming up soon….

Christmas is just around the corner!!! Wheee I am so looking forward to the season of advent this year

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway I’m drawing it on Sunday


Fill your heart with good things here


6 responses

  1. Well done on the performance Flip! I like Wipe Out too!

  2. Cool seeing your boys hanging out with their mates and well done Flip – what a great effort performing at school. Wish I could be in Chch to come and see your performance…go you!

  3. What a lovely post and so much to be grateful for
    I do enjoy finding the small things in life 🙂
    Your kids make me smile

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